Welcome to Ridgeville Resort, a place of peace and tranquility in a green haven. For hospitality at its best, make Ridgeville Resort your Nairobi destination. Perfect for business and leisure travelers, families, groups and students. We offer a comfortable, secure and affordable home away from home.

Ridgeville Resort is located on Ridgeways road, just 1/2km off Kiambu road, opposite Jacaranda close and just 100 meters from Ridgeways Baptist Church (RBC) and is only 15 minutes drive from the city center, and offers a truly relaxing country atmosphere away from hustle and bustle of Nairobi. The resort is set on mature beautifully manicured gardens in the upmarket Ridgeways neighborhood, between two golfing landmarks – Muthaiga Golf Club and Windsor Golf and country club and country hotel more about us >>

“I came with hope for a good mission trip for the Lord, the staff here have helped fulfill that hope”, Mr. Ed Baldwin. Testimonials here >>

The warmth and ambience Ridgeville beats all

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Our Location

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Contact Us

To Contact Us, Make inquires and make reservations please contact us through;

Telephone:  +254 202509159
Cell Phone: +254 721 722 991, +254 723 610 987

Email: info@ridgevilleresort.com

P. O. Box 61436 - 00200 Nairobi, Kenya

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