Tips on selecting a conference venue

Visit the chosen venue and experience the greeting first hand, this will help you know how your guests will  be treated.

Location and environment
Choose a plaace thar will offer an image of peace, style and quality that will help set the scene for your meeting.

Make sure the venue can provide all the facilities you need with experienced technical support.

Number of delagates
Venue should provide a room to suit your meeting.

Breakout areas
Break out areas will provide the clients with a place to relax, where the delegates can gain easy access to tea, snacks or coffee when they want.

Ensure the catering facilities are flexible

Can your venue cope with last minute changes, ask them to give examples of challenges they have overcome.

Ensure the venue has good parking facilities.

Third party endorsements
A good venue will be proud to provide testimonials and customer references. It will help asses how successful the venue has been in delivering the standard you expect.

The final bill
Check that your package includes all the resources you need.Insist that the venue confirms in writing that the final invoice will not include any additional costs not previously agreed on.                                                  

Action plan or how to plan for team building

Decide why you want to do team building. Think about the purpose of your team building activity. Do you want to:
•    Adress a team deficiency?
•    Improve team communication and team dynamics?
•    Boost team innovation and creativity?
•    Help the team strengthenn work relationships?
•    Discuss and resolve a particular team conflict ?
•    Recognize your team by celebrating team achievement?
By deciding upon a goal before you choose your team building method, you will increase the likelihood that the team building activity gives you the result you are looking for.

Determine the best team building approach based on the goal.
•    Team communication assesments and workshops ; enhance team communications, strengthens understanding & personality styles and enhances the teams ability to manage and resolve conflict.
•    Team building activities and games can boost activity and innovation and strengthen relationships among team memebers.
•    Team celebrations are excellent opportunities, to reognize and reward team milestones and achievements.
•    Team building programs and retreats, can help the team examine and enhance it’s effectiveness and can result in concrete action plans to improve the teams effectiveness.
•    Most of the team building activities can be conducted by team leaders or by using other resources in the organisation.
Communicate the purpose of the team building activity to the team.
•    This will help increase the likelihood that the team effort will be successful.
•    It will help focus every member of the team on the objective and ensure that they understand what the team is trying to achieve.
•    The team members are more likely to participate actively and contribute to the process.
Identify follow-up steps to ensure the team building goal is acheived.
•    Conduct a simple evaluation to gather feedback from the team on the effectiveness of the team building activity, and how it has helped them to acheive the team building goal.
•    Implement any actions that were agreed upon in the team building activity.
•    Stay in team building conversation, to keep everyone focused on team collaboration and effectiveness.
N/B: By completing this step, you show the team your commitment to ensuring they succeed, and will improve the effectiveness and success of your team.

How to plan for a holiday

Set a budget
Before chalking out a plan for the holiday, the most important thing is to set a budget. It will help you to plan and enjoy the trip within your limits.                                                                                                  N/B: Always estimate a little more than what you might need.

Plan ahead
Be sure of what you need from your trip. Do you want to experience the local culture, have fun on sandy beaches, mingle with the locals or fade away from the busy people.                                                    N/B: Strategise your trip according to your needs and likes           

Read up before you go
Prepare yourself  before heading into an unknown holiday destination. Buy a good guidebook and read up on the culture, history and local attractions of the destination.You can read the local publications online, or surf the internet for more information. The more you know, the better you can enjoy and appreciatethe place and their traditions.

Pack light and right
Pack only the essential things. Avoid carrying unnecessary things around ,Heavy luggage may sometimes dampen your holiday spirit. Carry clothes that are comfortable and right for the seasonn. As much as possible try to stuff everything you need in a single carry-on bag.

Always reserve your stay
It’s always better to book your stay if possible because all you need is a good night’s sleep after an exciting day.

Have realistic expectations
Have realistic expectations because unreasonable expectations can lead to unwanted stress. So enjoy the holiday by managing what you can with the time you have. Embrace each moment wether good or bad.

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